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Charles Darwin Centre


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Charles Darwin concept

For Environmental and Social Research

This text is to form the basis of the web page, brochures, client letters and emails and promotional material in general for the Darwin Centre, as well as in the process of seeking licenses for the Centre and its various activities.


In keeping with its mission to assist the Government of Indonesia in raising the awareness of Indonesian people and their social organizations through:
- Providing vocational training and education.
- Preparing Indonesian students for further education overseas.
- Promoting the prosperity of communities within Indonesia, and
- Establishing link with organizations within Indonesia and overseas in support of these objectives.

Kolese Australia has taken a number of initiatives to meet the first and second of these objectives.

These include the establishment of wide range of professional development courses offering Indonesian students local and overseas qualifications in disciplines such as:
- Childcare and early childhood education
- Business, finance and management
- Advertising and public relations.
- Information Technology (IT) and
- Tourism and hospitality.

We also offer locally approved courses in:
- First Aid.
- Basic Childcare and
- Conflict management.

As well as range of golden Age courses for retired people, and Graduate Certificate courses in:
- Teaching international curriculum and
- Environment management.

In addition, Kolese offers
- Special education for children with intellectual disability.
- Pre-vocational and life skills courses for young adults with intellectual disability.
- Pre-university foundation courses fro students wishing to enroll in universities in Australia, USA and countries in the eastern Pacific region.

- Shortcourses derived from universities and college in Australia and the USA, and

- Language courses in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Now in order to meet the third and fourth of our objectives, namely:
- Promoting the prosperity of communities within Indonesia, and
- Establishing link with organizations within Indonesia and overseas in support of these objectives,
Kolese has moved to establish the Charles Darwin Centre for Environment and Social Research.


The Darwin Centre will seek to share current approaches to public education in the area of environmental management and community development by linking overseas educational institutions with counterpart institutions in Indonesia, and by seeking the assistance and support of bilateral and multilateral organizations.

In so doing, the Centre will provide training in English literacy, research skills and environmental science to government agencies, private individuals and corporations, educational institutions, NGOs and communities throughout Indonesia and the region. In this way the Centre will engage in capacity building at every level and will contribute to the institutional and human resource development necessary as Indonesia undertakes the simultaneous challenges of regionalisation and globalisation.


In order to achieve in broader aims, the Centre will undertake a range of activities, including:
- provision of public information through seminars, workshops, documentaries and publications.
- Maintaining an online bulletin of current developments and opinions relevant to the Centres activities.
- Provision of training appropriate to specific community development projects inland management, development planning, tropical ecology, coastal management and ecoturism
- Provision of training packages in conflict resolution and resource management to government agencies and corporate clints, and
- Establishment of an International information exchange and a database of international and Indonesian NGOs and International Development agencies.

The Centre will also attempt to establish an international student exchange program to provide Indonesian students access to educational opportunities overseas, and to permit overseas students to undertake research and field work in Indonesia.

Ultimately, it is expected that the Centre will have a number of divisions, possibly including divisions of :
- Tropical ecology.
- Social policy.
- Development planning.
- Island biogeography.
- Coastal management.
- Wildlife conservation.
- Eco/cultural tourism, and.
- Coral reef management.


In the short term, many of the above activities will be initiated by and Environmental Education Taskfore which will priorities and implement the most urgent and important actions.

In particular, the taskforce will:
- Formulate and advertise training packages in environmental management, conflict resolution and resource management to government agencies and corporate clients.
- Provide consultancy service to private and corporate clients in those disciplines.
- Establish link with development agencies and NGOs for the purpose of initiating and underwriting community development initiatives in specific regions of Indonesia, and
- Device training packages appropriate to the main development actors in those regions, including government agencies, developers, NGOs and local communities.

Members of the Enviromental Education Taskforce.

The taskforce will comprise three highly respected young Indonesian scientists and planners with impeccable credentials in Environmental management and research, and its activities will be coordinate by an experienced expatriate program manager with 6 years experience in Indonesia.

In brief, the qualifications and background of the various taskforce members are as follows:

Mr. Derek Robertson

Mr. John Siregar.
Mr. Imam Hartadi.
Mr. Jalal.

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