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Charles Darwin Centre


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Charles Darwin Centre

English Training, Consultant, Social & Environment Research


What kind facility we can provide:

CHARLES DARWIN CENTRE - Resource Centre (Open to public access).
- With UNESCO standard Library system - CD ISIS Windows Version.
(A lot of NGOS, they use CD-ISIS software for LIBRARY and we can work for bibliography data exchange).
- Literature and books about Environment, Ecotourism & Social Research and TAFE, and general history about Australia + whatever is on our library now.
- Facility development for the Darwin Resource Centre. (MEDIUM TERM)
1. Photocopy machine.
2. High Speed -Internet access.
3. CD-Writer for copy data or movie from digital Video camera or computer .
4. Environment, social research and species database.
5. For further development. Map database (people can order aerial photography map from Quick map by the Charles Darwin Centre).
6. Photo Gallery (Slide collection from field survey or other collectors - people pay for commercial use, example: newspaper, magazine, report cover etc).
7.Making film (Video camera) - selling the videos.
8. Book selling. (Special topic) + publication
9. Darwin Centre Accessories (Pin, Environment Campaign t-shirt, recycle paper, etc). Young Darwinians (Beagle boys).
10. Publish brochure, flayer, Ecotourism book and special article about the Charles Darwin Centre research and training activities as Resource Centre.

Charles Darwin Centre Consultant.
As consultant to help local NGOs for consultation.
Provide social research work with International or local NGOs.
Environmental training works with government Agencies and NGOs.
Focusing in Ecotourism field trip & training, collaboration with local NGOs / be training local NGOs.

How to publish the Charles Darwin Centre:
- Conducting seminars.
- Forum Discussion. (Location Kemang Timur or Pejaten)

Planning for Ecoturism:
Put NGOs in Web with profile.
For detail please contact: Imam Hartadi

Under reconstruction

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